Nutmeg and Ginger

'Nutmeg and Ginger' is a story about love, determination and commitment to finding the perfect addition to family. It is the first part of an amazing non-fiction trilogy.

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Ages 4-8

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Ginger goes Missing

Two years after Nutmeg and Ginger became part of the family, Ginger goes missing. What will Minell tell Jason? Will they find him? Or will he leave the family unhappy and devastated? 'Ginger goes missing' is the highly anticipated sequel to 'Nutmeg and Ginger'. It is based on a true story about the devastating time Ginger went missing. Hope, faith and positivity had a place in the family home, but was it enough to make their dream of finding Ginger, come true? Read the second part of this amazing trilogy to find out.

Ages 4-8

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'Working title' is the third and final part to the trilogy of Nutmeg and Ginger. Read this final part to see what the mystery reveals! All stories in the trilogy are based on factual and true events.

Ages 4-8